DNA is all around us. It is key to understanding who we are and how we got here. Future applications include data storage, food security and health.

The Dinky Amigos have been designed to allow molecular science (and thus DNA) to be introduced to the classroom at an earlier stage than it would otherwise be. Despite its importance, it is an abstract concept for young minds to grasp and education needs to be at a subliminal level.

For Early Years and Key Stage 1, the Dinky Amigos Adventures are colourful, rhyming storybooks. Science is hidden and the objective is to familiarise the children with the shapes and feel of the subject through friendly characters and engaging stories.

Workshops designed for upper Key Stage 2 children link the Dinky Amigos with the concept of DNA. They are used to enhance the understanding of evolution and inheritance as an easy entry to the science of these curricular subjects.

Teaching professionals at Key Stages 3 u0026amp; 4 can use the characters, activities and stories to slowly introduce students to the chemistry and biology of DNA and the mitotic process on the curriculum. Information can be kept to a minimum or expanded to challenge the more able students.