Workshop Testimonials



Where: Lydiard Tregoze Primary, Swindon

When: May 2018

Workshop: Evolution Workshop

The children were totally enthralled as they learnt about DNA in a completely child-friendly way. Lisa made the story of the changes in eye colour very accessible through the use of the “dinkies” and their dancing! The practical side of the workshop was brilliantly organised and the children loved getting hands on with strawberry DNA. The final results were really rewarding and we’re even getting some great instructional writing out of the workshop!” Mrs Richards, Year 6 teacher

My favourite part was when we got to squash a strawberry and extract the DNA. I felt like a proper scientist!” Steven, Year 6

I’ve never seen real DNA before but now I want to extract more and look at it under a microscope to compare it to other DNA. I want to find the bit that instructs it to grow juicy and sweet!” Olivia, Year 6



Where: Millbrook Primary School, Swindon

When: February – March 2018

Workshop: Four 1.5 hour sessions to fulfil the National Curricular requirements of the Evolution and Inheritance Module. Highly interactive and practical sessions with hands-on experience of fossils and DNA extraction.

It’s great to have the subject taught with so much enthusiasm. Both children and staff have enjoyed it and learnt so much. – Mrs McDonald, Year 6 teacher

Thanks for the lessons – I learnt a lot from you. – Grace, Year 6

“She loves it. She’s coming home and telling us all about it too.” – Year 6 Mum




Where: Brookvale Primary School, Birmingham

When: March 2018

Workshop: Forensics Workshop: “The Great Malteser Heist” (years 2 u0026amp; 4);
Evolution workshop (year 6)

The children loved it! Year 4 were quite excitable, she handled them in a calm manner. All children were engaged, resources were plentiful allowing all to be involved. Explanations were clear.”  – Mrs Patrick, Year 4 teacher

I thought it was fabulous! The children are still talking about it. The children were completely hooked on the idea that they were finding the fruit that had stolen the maltesers. This meant their behaviour was excellent as they wanted to learn. The whole session was very well resourced and structured. They enjoyed having the opportunity to use scientific equipment. – Miss Halsey, Year 2 teacher

The kids loved it and were engaged. Maybe add a little quiz as a plenary” – Miss Kaur, Year 6 teacher




Where: Lydiard Tregoze Primary, Swindon

When: February u0026amp; March 2017

Workshop: Evolution u0026amp; Forensics Workshop

 What an amazing, informative and fun workshop based around DNA. The children loved comparing DNA and trying to decipher who the kidnapper was. They are still buzzing,” Miss Sylvester, Year 5 teacher

I really enjoyed learning about DNA because I learnt lots of new information. I found the workshop very interesting because I learnt what the investigators do to figure out the criminal’s true identity. The workshop included activities like going through the  suspects to see who committed the crime using DNA.” Becky, Year 5




Where: Noremarsh Junior, Royal Wootten Bassett

When: March 2017

Workshop: Assembly for years 3-6  u0026amp; Evolution Workshop

This was fantastic – we have all learnt lots and thoroughly enjoyed it, thank you.” – Mrs Card, Year 6 teacher

You just blew my mind!” David, Year 6



 Where: Devizes Primary, Wiltshire

When: March 2017 – WHF Science Festival

Workshop: Forensics Workshop

“Now I know how it works.” – Lucas, Year 4