That’s Naughty, Seedy Tea!

The Story Supplement

This book has been designed for younger children as a fun and creative story intended to spark their imagination.  On a subliminal level this story also introduces young minds to the shapes and processes of biology.   This particular adventure offers an illustrated representation of an important aspect of the biological process known as checkpoint control. This is a safety measure to ensure the cell is protected from damage.


Alina, Tristan, Gina and Crispin are the Dinky Amigos and represent four chemicals known as bases. They join with each other in pairs and appear many times to create DNA – the genetic information that makes us who we are. As we grow, we need more DNA, which must be copied exactly. This copying process is called replication and is part of a larger copying process known as mitosis.

Each Dinky Amigo may be copied only once in each round of replication. If some or all of the Dinky Amigos are copied more than once, the DNA may be damaged. If there is too much damage, it may cause cancer.

To prevent this, the Dinky Amigos and everyone else in their village have to follow some safety rules. These rules are known as checkpoints.

Seedy Tea is known to scientists by the name CDT1. He is in charge of one of these checkpoints. It is his job to make sure that each Dinky Amigo has their turn on the orange slideabout in the park. Once this is finished, his work is done and he must leave the park and go home.

Sometimes, however, Seedy Tea doesn’t want to leave. If he stays, some Dinky Amigos won’t get their turn on the slideabout, which breaks the safety rules. Seedy Tea must be persuaded to leave the park and let the Dinky Amigos have their turn.

Seedy Tea gets three chances to leave the park. If he doesn’t take the first two,  he must take the final one otherwise damage will occur.