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A selection of comments from teachers, parents and children.

Mrs Richards

Year 6 Teacher

“The children were totally enthralled as they learnt about DNA in a completely child-friendly way. Lisa made the story of the changes in eye colour very accessible through the use of the “dinkies” and their dancing! The practical side of the workshop was brilliantly organised and the children loved getting hands on with strawberry DNA. The final results were really rewarding and we’re even getting some great instructional writing out of the workshop!”

Miss Halsey

Year 2 Teacher

“I thought it was fabulous! The children are still talking about it. The children were completely hooked on the idea that they were finding the fruit that had stolen the maltesers. This meant their behaviour was excellent as they wanted to learn. The whole session was very well resourced and structured. They enjoyed having the opportunity to use scientific equipment.”



The graphics are awesome and funny. The fact that it’s set in diary form is a fantastic way to help make it both educational and enjoyable. It gives the reader a brilliant explanation of what c.f. is and how it effects the body.”