STEM subject

Bring DNA to life with a workshop

With the introduction to the National Curriculum of Evolution and Inheritance as a topic at the upper end of Key Stage 2, the Dinky Amigos are well placed to help. They represent an extremely soft introduction to DNA – the unit of Inheritance and thus the driver of Evolution.

How can we be related to chimps? Why is everybody different? How come I have inherited my grandfather’s nose but my auntie’s eyes? What is DNA anyway?

As friendly little characters they can introduce children to the science of DNA in an easy-to-understand manner, answering the questions above for everyone to understand. 

As chemically correct representations, the actual biology and chemistry of the subject is not lost, just hidden.


Evolution is not a process to be undertaken lightly. For a start it takes ages. Then there are the trade offs – why can’t we fly as well as swim and walk? The answers are all in your DNA and the environment you live in.  We investigate inheritance, variation, adaption and ultimately evolution – all using some of the same jargon that scientists insist on using. 

The workshops introduce an age-appropriate understanding of evolution as a process and explore the uses and implications of variation and adaptation within that process. 

Suitable for years 5, 6 and 7

A heinous chocolate heist has been committed on the school grounds.  Will our DNA evidence lead to the culprit?

Suitable for all key stages and closely linked to subjects on the National Curriculum, these workshops introduce scientific vocabulary and age-appropriate explanations of the science involved.