Introduction to Evolution

It took Nature nearly 3.5 billion years to make us – but why did it take so long? This session charts our journey from the Big Bang, through Inheritance, Variation, Adaption and Evolution to the variety of life we see on our planet today

Each session runs approximately 45-60 minutes and includes:

  • How living things have changed over time
  • Why we are different to our family and friends
  • How our DNA instructions work
  • Interactive Evolution game

Join Dr. Lisa and the Dinky Amigos to get your Evolution & Inheritance topic off to an inspiring start!

Suitable for Years 5, 6 & 7 (Grades 4, 5 & 6)

Dinky Amigos Evolution Online Workshop Photo


Dinky Amigos Evolution

It was a great workshop which we followed up today with our first evolution science lesson. The children had loads of knowledge which was down to the workshop. Thanks Lisa!

Mrs Goddard, Year 6 Teacher
Cornerstone C of E Primary, Whiteley, Hampshire, UK
Dinky Amigos Online Evolution Workshop Review
Dinky Amigos Online Evolution Workshop Review


Introduction to Evolution will run using Zoom and takes approximately 45 minutes. It includes a remote, interactive activity to underpin the learning.

Workshop costs are £87 / $115 for each 45 minute session.

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