Cuddly DNA chemistry with the Dinky Amigos

The Dinky Amigos are Alina, Tristan, Gina and Crispin and are responsible for making you who you are. They help set the vital information about Genetics and DNA into a story form, which is much easier to understand.

The Genetics for Kids series of books will teach your child about DNA, genetics and the subsequent role it plays in their biology. Expert knowledge is condensed into a non-fiction story experience, filled with fun facts, real information and lots of colourful illustrations. A handy glossary is included at the back for all those new terms learnt along the way.
Dinky Press Ltd

 Why are you so unique?  An introduction to the Dinky Amigos, DNA and you

The Dinky Amigos make instructions to clean your body. But what happens if those instructions go wrong?

The Dinky Amigos make instructions to carry oxygen around your body.  But what happens if they can’t? 

A mysterious virus. A global pandemic. Just how did the Dinky Amigos instructions go so wrong? 

Die Dinky Amigos bilden Deine DNA und erstellen die Anleitungen um Deinen Körper sauberzuhalten. Aber was, wenn alles schiefgeht?

Ein mysteriöses Virus. Eine Pandemie. Wie konnten Deine Dinky Amigos Anleitungen so viele Schaden verursachen?


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