Early Science for 3-7 year olds

Harness a child's natural, scientific curiosity and introduce them to STEM concepts at a young age.

Every child needs the opportunity to become familiar with the science of their bodies. Here they can do so in an age-appropriate way that is fun, engaging and very hands-on.

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Early Science

We know what we look like on the outside, but what about the important work that goes on inside our bodies?

Over 45 minutes, children will be introduced to some of the more common organs or tissues inside our body; carry out a science experiment to illustrate what it does and cement understanding  with rhyme, re-telling and repetition.   

Match the patterns to the instructions; learn some new words; put  on your lab coat and get ready to measure, pour, pipette, mix and observe as we use real science equipment to enhance our fine motor skills and find out what our bodies are really getting up to!

The six part Early Science series includes:

  • Our Brilliant Brain
  • Our Huge Heart
  • Our Lovely Lungs
  • Our Squelchy Stomach
  • Our Clever Kidneys
  • Our Beautiful Bones

Suitable for EYFS, Y1 & Y2


Science visits currently available in Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire and Berkshire


Early Science Testimonial
Early Science Testimonial


Early Science runs as a series of six sessions of approximately 45 minutes and will be in-person visits to the setting.

The basic charge covers groups of up to 15 children with a supplement for larger groups if necessary.

Sessions can be purchased singly, or book all six to save 20%

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Preferred Early Science dates Academic Year 23/24
Preferred Early Science dates Academic Year 24/25