Make your own DNA bracelet

The Dinky Amigos (or nucleotides, as scientists insist on calling them) hang around in a massive group called DNA.

DNA is really important and has to protect itself. The Dinky Amigos do that by pairing up. They pair up opposite each other in a shape that is known as a Double Helix. But they can't just pair up any old how. They have a system.

Each of the Dinky Amigos has a best friend. Alina's best friend is Tristan. Gina and Crispin are best friends with each other too. The Dinky Amigos always pair up with their best friends. Scientists call these Best Friend Pairs base pairs.
Dinky Amigos_Helix

Make your own Base Pairs

Download the PDF and fold your own DNA bracelet – complete with Dinky Amigos Best Friend Pairs. 

The photo on the right gives you an idea of what your bracelet should look like when it is finished. 

DNA Dinky Amigos Bracelet