Scientists often insist on using a special language to describe DNA and anything associated with it. They do this so they can explain in as few words as possible exactly what they mean. It is known as scientific jargon and whilst it is really specific, it sometimes sounds a bit like gobbledegook.

Any such words I use on this website are written in bold and I will explain them to you here in the glossary (which means "a list of special jargon words and their definitions in plain English").
DNA Dinky Amigos Helix

Science Term

double helix

DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid)

hydrogen bonds


scientific jargon


sugar-phosphate backbone


The shape that the DNA is found in most of the time. It looks a bit like a spiral staircase

The name for the collection of nucleotides involved in making the instructions for life.

The invisible glue that holds the nucleotides together within the double helix. 

The chemical name for the Dinky Amigos. There are four different nucleotides in DNA. 

Special words scientists use when they are talking to each other.  

If the double helix were split into two halves, each single helix would be called a strand.  

The handrail on either side of the double helix  staircase holding all the nucleotides together.