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Welcome to our Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting us.

Dinky Press Ltd will protect any information that you give to us which could identify you (known as “personal data”). You don’t have to give us any of this data to use the website. If, however, you wish to sign up to something, we may need some of your personal data (at least your name and email address).  If this is the case, we will ask for your permission first.

If you give us any of this information, you become known as a “data subject”. The processing of personal data, such as the name, address, e-mail address, or telephone number of a data subject shall always be in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). [This is the EU law which tells us what we can and can’t do with your data.]

Should you subscribe to our email list, your personal data is collected and processed by a third party (Mailerlite). They take privacy extremely seriously and you are welcome to read their privacy policy here. Any information gathered on subscription to the email list will only be used to contact you for the purposes you signed up for. Your data will not be sold, shared or otherwise passed on to anyone else.

We have links to other websites (known as third party websites) on our pages. Whilst we try to link to safe pages only, once you have left our site, our privacy policy no longer applies. Instead each site should have its own policy.

Dinky Press Ltd has tried its very best to be as secure as possible. It uses a large company to host its website to make it even more secure.  However, everything that moves across the internet could potentially be intercepted  (caused by security gaps) and read, so we cannot 100% guarantee that everything is protected. For this reason, you (the “data subject”) are free to transfer any of your personal data to us using a different method.

You have the right at any time to unsubscribe from our lists or object to any correspondence from us. You may also see any data we hold about you. Please contact Lisa at lisa@dinkyamigos.com and she will be able to help.