My DNA Diary: Sickle Cell Anaemia


Your circulation system needs four lemonade bottles full of blood. It takes the oxygen you breathe all around your body. Our DNA instructions make the oxygen carrier for your blood. But what if the instructions aren’t working properly? What carries the oxygen then?

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Your blood travels around your body but what does it really do all day?

Alina and her Dinky Amigos friends are known as your DNA and make the instructions that help your blood carry oxygen from your lungs to keep you alive. Especially important are your round, red blood cells which can carry lots of oxygen.

But when a mistake causes these cells to burst, they can’t carry oxygen anymore and everything goes horribly wrong. Can Alina and her friends save the thing they care about most  – you?

A true story about your blood and you.

My DNA Diary: Sickle Cell Anaemia  is part of the Genetics for Kids series. Easy-to-understand explanations of the important instructions given by our DNA and the fascinating events they cause in our bodies.  Bite-sized descriptions coupled with colourful illustrations all wrapped up in an exciting story for young minds to get lost in.  Springboard into the enthralling world of DNA and gear up for a future career in medicine, engineering, research and a whole host of other related positions.

For children 9+ years and their favourite adults.