Coughs and Sneezes

“Coughs and sneezes spread diseases…” Who hasn’t heard that or something similar throughout their childhood? Often accompanied by the thrust of a tissue or handkerchief in the direction of that same cough or sneeze. Far from being the brain child of some paper product manufacturer to boost his business, this action has plenty of science …

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Pain and Pleasure

Cartoons have been around for as long as we have had moving pictures. They offer us a world where real life rules don’t exist and characters can get away with almost anything. One of the favourite themes is the ability of the characters to survive the most excruciating pain. Burning, decapitation, long distance falls, crushings, …

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Elbowing Out

There are a set of instructions in your body which make a specific gate (the science name for this is “ion channel“). Around 200,000 Dinky Amigos work together to make the instructions for this gate. Some of these Dinky Amigos are not always on their best behaviour. There’s barging and shoving, swapping and disappearing altogether! …

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